Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Craft Show 2012

Hello Everyone!
I know I have been MIA again, story of my life any more LOL.
Hopefully all these pictures will make up for it.
So grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back and relax.
Today I want to share with you some pictures
 from the Craft Show I was part of here in N.E.Ohio,
thanks to Darlene aka Dar's Crafty Creations !!!
She told me a few years ago about this Craft Show and
that she was a vendor there, so I went each year and browsed
around and purchased items, never havng the nerve to try
to get in as a vendor. I finally got up nerve enough
 to try and I was accepted which surprised me
 since there is usually a waiting list. I had a
great day and sold over 30 items! WOW was I shocked!
 Another good friend of mine helped me that
day her name is Wendy and she was a fabulous helper!!

 THANK YOU Wendy, I couldn't have done it without you!
Without these two ladies I wouldn't have been able to do
 this so a BIG shout out to them both, thank you ladies!!!
Here is a picture of my table that Darlene took for me
since I was still half asleep when I left
home and I forgot my camera LOL!

Here is a picture of Darlene's table

Click here to go to Darlene's Blog for lots of great inspiration!
Here is a close up of the banner I made using words
 that Darlene thought up for me. For the life of me
I couldn't come up with  clever words to tell people
 that some of the items I had for sale were used and made into
 something new ! So once again I dialed 911 Darlene LOL
 really I emailed her LOL and she came up with the perfect
 words at the drop of a hat. Once again Dar to the rescue!!!
She is good I tell ya!!
So here is what I made using those words to
make my banner for my table display.
 Here are some before and after views
 of some of the treasures I re-did.
The button was mounted on a magnet
so it could be moved around or removed altogether. 


Oops some how I forgot to get a before picture of this one yikes,
 well it was a plain cream colored box with a place for a baby picture
and it's a music box.
Well that's more then enough for now LOL
 Hope I have made up for being MIA lately.