Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

 JESUS !!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus, The Lyrics

Happy Birthday To You

happy Birthday To You

happy Birthday Dear Jesus

happy Birthday To You.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I'm So Glad Its Christmas

all The Tinsel And Lights

and The Presents Are Nice

but The Real Gift Is You.

Happy Birthday Jesus

I'm So Glad Its Christmas

all The Carols And Bells

make The Holiday Swell

and it's All About You

Happy Birthday Jesus

Jesus I Love You!
Merry Christmas to all of you dear friends!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Graphics 45 Christmas Card

Hi Everyone!

Well I thought I would try and fix my camera myself LOL!
I figured, why not, since it was not working anyways, sooooo
 I took the batteries out and toyed around with the battery
 contacts as well as gave it a slight thump,
ya know a little stress release is good every now and then LOL
AND low and behold it worked !!!
Ahhhh just for a short time though LOL LOL
 Oh well atleast I got one project
 photographed, surely not the best of pictures.
After Christmas I will be getting a new camera!!!!!!!!
So enough about that here is the project I made.

This is my first attempt at a stair step card,
Wow they are so much fun !!

I used Graphics 45 paper from my stash that I had saved
 from a few years back. The stamp is from Stampin Up.
I used TH distress inks as well as SU markers,
some stickles for the candles and a MS holly punch.
 The embellishments also came from my stash.
 And of course I had to use my Pilot gold marker.
Well there you have it,just sorry the picture isn't very good.
Hopefully my next camera will take really good pictures
 despite me not knowing what I am doing LOL 
Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


I won't be posting any pictures for a little bit because
my darn camera died. So now I have to do some research
to figure out what kind I should get that I can afford.
Guess it came at a good time LOL since I have
 been too busy to do any crafting
financially not a good time LOL 
So on that note I will just say,




Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thought For The Day

"Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house.

Give love to your children,

to your wife or husband,

to a next door neighbor...

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.

Be the living expression of God's kindness;

kindness in your face,

kindness in your eyes,

kindness in your smile,

kindness in your warm greeting."

~Mother Theresa~
Hugs to all this wonderful day

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Showcased !!

WOW I am sooo excited !!!
 One of my projects was chosen to be showcased on the
Melissa Frances site today !!! You need to go see her
blog, she has so many wonderful creations there it's awesome.
I really love the products she makes, I have numerous
items of hers and have plans to use more of them
when I get back to repurposing more of my treasures!! 
Go check it out and see for yourself!!!
Thanks for listening to me toot my own horn LOL LOL

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, ours was.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Craft Room

Happy Tuesday To You!!

Sorry no craft project to share today, BUT I do have
 another project I just finished making for my craft room
and thought I would share it with you. I made
 a shelf unit with a counter top. I still have one more
 piece of wood needed for it to be 100% done but
need someone else to cut it for me since I don't
 have a table saw.
The little box shaped area on the lower left is
made due to having a cold air return behind the shelf.
It also provides a mini shelf to still be able to use the area.
I also mounted an electric surge protector
 strip on the side by the door for easy electric access.

If you look closely you can see my
 Birthday present from my family,
 YES it's a Vegabond!!
 I thought since today is my birthday
I would share with you what I got!
I am sooo excited about it!!

Here are some more of my room as you can see
 I have filled most every nook and cranny LOL.
God has truly blest me with many stamps and more!!
Hense my blog name!!!!!!

This is my fur baby "Brodie" he is in here
with me any time I am!

Well I am off to eat some birthday cake for my supper,
 yep gona just pig out today 
and its calorie free too ahhmmm!!! LOL
Hugs and blessings to you all!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cake Pan Treasure

Hello My Blogging Friends!!

I have a really funny story to share with you today!
I had gone treasure hunting a while back and I found this weird
looking cake pan, at least to me it was weird looking LOL.

This photo is actually one from Ebay, since I forgot to take
one before I transformed it DUH!!!

Well on to my story, I found this pan and brought it home
 and told my husband I wanted his help with it and he
 reluctantly said okay, what do you need me for?
I said I need you to run it over with the car !!!!!!!
WEEEEEEELL you can imagine the LOOK on his face LOL.
Then I found out we didn't have a piece of plywood big
enough to cover it to protect our tires just incase LOL
 SOOOO I asked him to go next door to our neighbors
 and see if they had any ( Poor hubby what I get him into )
again he reluctantly went and  they didn't have wood but
they brought out a very large cement stepping stone
big enough to cover it and I explained to my neighbor
 what I needed it for and the guy looked at me like I was
 missing more then a few marbles, if you know
what I mean LOL!
So I put a towel down in the driveway then added
the pan and then the cement stone and my husband
drove the car over it two times and Viola' it worked just
 like those bottle caps we make magnets out of LOL!

Here is a view of the back side of it after it was painted.

So here then is my finished treasure hope you like it!!

I used the fabulous Melissa Frances paper it's so
delicate and Shabby Chic I love it.

Well there you have it another crazy story
from an addicted crafter LOL
God bless you all!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trunk or Treat Event

Happy Monday!!!

Today I want to share a fun idea with you.
We recently started going to a new Church
and decided to participate in their yearly event
called Trunk Or Treat, something we were
unfamiliar with. In case your unfamilar also its a
 safe alternative for kids to go recieve Halloween candy
 wearing their costumes. It was age 12 and under.
Church participants such as myself and my husband
sign up to decorate their vehicle trunks with fun not scarry things
and wear costumes then we all hand out candy plus they
 give out apple cider and popcorn, have hay rides and a fire.
It was a truly fun evening the kids seemed to really
 enjoy it as did the parents. We had 800 come to it
 with 40 vehicles decorated! So here is our trunk
and my Husband and myself. It was cool
out so I layered up alot !!!LOL

Don't you just love those black wigs?? LOL
 Sure kept us warm!!
This picture below was a trial run at my house.

Can you see the cards I made look closely
at the words on the left side of the Kings picture
it says " Jesus is King".

The dice are tissue boxes, still full of tissue
to weight them down in case of wind.
The spinner I made using an old frizbee, a Pam spray cap,
some cardstock and a flattened out bundt cake pan LOL
Below is a close up of the pajamas and
lounging pants I got at Goodwill!! Perfect for this
project! A side story about those pajamas, one
 lady at the event said to me, "I have those same jammies
 at home! oh wait no I don't I took them to Good will" LOL
They were hers!!! We laughed alot about that !! So tell me
coincidence or God inspired!!!
Thank you God!!!!

Well there you have it a fun adventure ! I pray you all have
some new, fun, adventures to try. We are so
 glad we participated in this event.

Hugs and sweet treats to you!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Altered Frame

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!

I hope our enjoying your day, its awesome here in NE Ohio,
 sunnny and warm ahhhh feels fabulous.

Today I am sharing with you another treasure
 I got and redid. Here is the before picture.

This is the picture. I feel in love with the frame
BUT the red peppers HAD TO GO LOL!!!

Again I used Graphics 45 paper, thinking a teacher or
 someone who did home schooling might love to have
something like this. I hope it sells at the Craft show I am doing
in November. As you can see in the first picture I really
popped out the additions that are on the left of the
 picture but left the rest flat I felt it didn't really need alot.
 Sure hope I was right LOL.
Well time for me to get outside and enjoy that
 sun for a little before it starts getting too late LOL
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Challenge Between Friends

Hello My Stamping Friends!

Today is a fun day for my friend Darlene and I,
we are sharing with you an altered project we did.
To set the stage for this reveal let me back track a
couple of months ago when Darlene and I went treasuring
 hunting at a Goodwill store together. We spotted these
 matching wooden books that actually had clocks inside them.
So we decided to buy them and challenged each other
 to redo them secretly and see what we came up with.
So here is what we each came up with ,
you can get more info on hers by clicking here to go to her blog!!
First is the before pictures of the clock.


Darlene's wonderful Christmas project !
Isn't it awesome!!!!
 I just love the Graphics 45 paper she used, and
of course it had to be in purple her favorite color!
Way to go Darlene!

Here is the one I made, since I couldn't find a battery
 small enough I removed mine and made it
 a shadow box.

I used Crafty Secrets paper,Prima flowers, and some other
 flowers, lace,& buttons in my stash.The paint,needle and spool
are from Michaels.

So there you have it our "Friends Challenge",
hope you enjoyed it and that it inspired you to
 challenge a friend too!
Please take time to go see Darlene's blog she is very
 talented and will definitely inspire you!
Until next time big {{{ HUGS}}} to all, and
May God bless you!!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ABC Primer Graphics 45

Hello and Happy Tuesday to You All!

I have not shared here yet about my newest
crafting addiction until now, I have gotten hooked on going
 garage sale hopping and to used stores in search of
 treasures to alter. Yeppers I am HOOKED, you should see my
craft room closet and cupboards LOL they are sooo full of
 stuff to alter. Hey at least I am all set for winter.
Or should I say several winters LOL.
 Well anyways here is one item I just finished.

I found this Rooster chalk board and the board was
all scratched up got it for little of nothing and totally redid it.
So tell me what you think.
 Here is the before picture.

Now on to the new version

As you can see I used the fabulous Graphics 45
 "An ABC Primer" paper, that I got from Joan's Garden.
 I just love their papers.
I cut out and popped up the books and the ABC
 sign and used a real pin in it. The pencil I got from Walmart
and cut it down and sanded it then added ink to color it lightly.
I bought the eraser at Hobby Lobby and added
Graphics paper there too. The other little distressed box is chalk
and I recovered the box to match. I also added
 little wooden knobs to the sides of the board for more interest.
So there you have it my refurbished treasure.
 I would love to hear what you think of it.
I plan on selling it at an up coming craft show.
 I have more to share so stayed tuned LOL.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Circus Wagon

Happy Friday Evening Everyone!!

Hope you all are enjoying your evening.
I am starting to feel better finally but not
top par yet. These sinus,lung problems really hang
on with me for some reason.

Tonight I want to share with you a cute project I made to go
with this frame I did in this posting a while back.

Here is the before picture of the wagon.

Here is the after picture.

Did you notice the wheels have an elephant riding a tricycle.
                                                             inside view from the top

I saw a wagon on-line like this some where but can
not remember where sorry.
(Just found her name, it's Sandy Diller)
I used all Graphics 45 paper from their Circus paper set.
The wagon and tiger cub I got at Michaels, the flourish
die cut is Tim Holtz. I prepainted everything before
adhereing the paper. It took alot of time but it sure was fun.
I hope to sell this as a set at the craft sale in November.
Well that is it for tonight hope this inspired you in some way.
Stay healthy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Altered Tin "Set"

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Burr its cool and crisp here in NE Ohio, what a change this is.
You can sure tell Fall is coming very soon!

This evening I want to refresh your memory on a project
 I did a while back because I just made a tissue
 box and matching frame to go with it,
 here is the link to the tin if you want more specific
 information, no sense in me rewriting it all LOL.

Here is a picture of the Tin I did and below it is what I have been
adding to it to make a set that I hope to sell at an up coming
craft show.

 So there is the projects I have been working on lately,
a tissue box, round tin, and an oval wooden frame wall hanging.
I just love all the flowers and how the DP looks like
fabric in real life.

I am entering the tissue box and frame wall art in the
Crafty Ribbons Challenge- Anything goes

I would love to hear how much you think I should charge
 for the indiviual items and also priced as a set. I have the hardest
time priceing my items. Thanks for any help you can give me on that!
Well I am sick with a bad sinus infection so I am going to go for now.
Hugs to all of you!
Stay well