Friday, October 28, 2011

Cake Pan Treasure

Hello My Blogging Friends!!

I have a really funny story to share with you today!
I had gone treasure hunting a while back and I found this weird
looking cake pan, at least to me it was weird looking LOL.

This photo is actually one from Ebay, since I forgot to take
one before I transformed it DUH!!!

Well on to my story, I found this pan and brought it home
 and told my husband I wanted his help with it and he
 reluctantly said okay, what do you need me for?
I said I need you to run it over with the car !!!!!!!
WEEEEEEELL you can imagine the LOOK on his face LOL.
Then I found out we didn't have a piece of plywood big
enough to cover it to protect our tires just incase LOL
 SOOOO I asked him to go next door to our neighbors
 and see if they had any ( Poor hubby what I get him into )
again he reluctantly went and  they didn't have wood but
they brought out a very large cement stepping stone
big enough to cover it and I explained to my neighbor
 what I needed it for and the guy looked at me like I was
 missing more then a few marbles, if you know
what I mean LOL!
So I put a towel down in the driveway then added
the pan and then the cement stone and my husband
drove the car over it two times and Viola' it worked just
 like those bottle caps we make magnets out of LOL!

Here is a view of the back side of it after it was painted.

So here then is my finished treasure hope you like it!!

I used the fabulous Melissa Frances paper it's so
delicate and Shabby Chic I love it.

Well there you have it another crazy story
from an addicted crafter LOL
God bless you all!!


  1. Another great story and a gorgeous project. Isn't it funny the things we ask our DH to do for this hobby - I've done it many times but nothing quiet this funny. Love your stories! I bet he was happy to see your beautiful "smashed" tart pan when you were finished with it. Great project Lana.

  2. A fun story and a really lovely project! TFS

  3. Didn't know Jason was involved, too! How funny! Beautiful artwork, as usual, bud! Kris

  4. love the project and your story! congrats on being featured on MF's blog!

  5. Came over from MF's blog...this is gorgeous and the story is too funny, I love it!

  6. Nossa...que criação mais delicada e sua criação lá no blog melissa frances e vim aqui conferir!!! Já estou te seguindo porque adorei seus trabalhos!

  7. Beautiful! Love the pretty, soft colors, and paper you used. What a fun story!

  8. This is gorgeous and the story is hilarious!!!!