Monday, October 24, 2011

Trunk or Treat Event

Happy Monday!!!

Today I want to share a fun idea with you.
We recently started going to a new Church
and decided to participate in their yearly event
called Trunk Or Treat, something we were
unfamiliar with. In case your unfamilar also its a
 safe alternative for kids to go recieve Halloween candy
 wearing their costumes. It was age 12 and under.
Church participants such as myself and my husband
sign up to decorate their vehicle trunks with fun not scarry things
and wear costumes then we all hand out candy plus they
 give out apple cider and popcorn, have hay rides and a fire.
It was a truly fun evening the kids seemed to really
 enjoy it as did the parents. We had 800 come to it
 with 40 vehicles decorated! So here is our trunk
and my Husband and myself. It was cool
out so I layered up alot !!!LOL

Don't you just love those black wigs?? LOL
 Sure kept us warm!!
This picture below was a trial run at my house.

Can you see the cards I made look closely
at the words on the left side of the Kings picture
it says " Jesus is King".

The dice are tissue boxes, still full of tissue
to weight them down in case of wind.
The spinner I made using an old frizbee, a Pam spray cap,
some cardstock and a flattened out bundt cake pan LOL
Below is a close up of the pajamas and
lounging pants I got at Goodwill!! Perfect for this
project! A side story about those pajamas, one
 lady at the event said to me, "I have those same jammies
 at home! oh wait no I don't I took them to Good will" LOL
They were hers!!! We laughed alot about that !! So tell me
coincidence or God inspired!!!
Thank you God!!!!

Well there you have it a fun adventure ! I pray you all have
some new, fun, adventures to try. We are so
 glad we participated in this event.

Hugs and sweet treats to you!!


  1. Ha ha...I love the jammies story! Too much fun! Great job decorating your 'trunk'. Love the ingenious dice, spinner, and cards! Great job, Lana!!!

  2. Oh how fun and such a wonderful idea. You both are so cute. I love the pajama story.

  3. Great story, you must have had big time fun, too! Utterly creative, too.

  4. Girl ... you are UBER-CREATIVE and I just LOVE everything about this! Look how cute Al looks!!! You do too my friend!
    This whole idea and set up is AMAZING and GREAT FUN! Bless you for being a part of it!!

  5. Too too creative and cute for words and look at the fun you had too!

  6. Terrifically creative, bud! Darlene is absolutely right - UBER-CREATIVE! Great job!