Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fancy Frame

Hello Friends
I am still alive LOL, its been a long and tough road for me lately
but I am trying hard to get back on with life so here is
 my first posting in a very long time.
 Over a year ago,
 oh man that was so long ago,
 I won a package of a die cut frame out of chipboard
 from Vicki Chrisman  it was from a die
that she had designed for AccuCut
and this is what I made with it.
It was sooo darn much fun to play with!
Thank you Vicki!!!!!!!!
If you click on her name it will take you to her blog,
to see all her fabulous projects she is very inspirational!!!
So on to the pictures.
I love the soft look of it.
 Front and back view

I love this image I found online some where she is so cute.
I think the frame would make a really nice one for a wedding picture.

 Forgive me I am very rusty on posting, so hope it comes out okay.
I would highly recommend you checking out this frame that Vicki
designed its fun to work with.
Hope you enjoyed this project and hopefully it
 won't take me so long to post again.
I pray your all doing well!!!