Monday, April 11, 2011

God's work of art !

Hello My Friends

Sorry I have been missing for a while, it's spring
clean up time around here,as well as getting ready
for a garage sale. So much work and so little energy LOL

Today I do not have a project to share with you, sorry. I hope to
 be back soon with some art work, but until then I do
 have a wonderful picture of God's art to share. It is a rainy
 cloudy day today but in between rain drops I ran out
 and took a couple of pictures of God's art to share
 with you in hopes it will inspire you to look around at all
 the beauty He provides for us to enjoy in our lives
here on earth!
 May you be richly blessed today and always!!

Take time to smell the flowers!!!
Until we get together again hugs


  1. Gods creations are indeed awe inspiring. Ty for posting these beautiful flowers. Ty also for sharing your wonderful projects!!! Hugs.

  2. Hooray! I just got my email notice of your posting! Good to know 'it works!'
    I know what you mean about being busy ... tis that time of year I guess ... with more to come!!
    I so enjoyed my crocuses and now the daffodils & tulips ... sure gives you hope of warmer days to come!
    Hope to see you soon (going to convention?) Hugs my friend and I always enjoy your postings!

  3. Great photos, Lana! Thanks for the smiles they brought!