Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Craft Class Room

Hello everyone, did you think I had fallen off the face of the earth LOL. I have been very busy, as I said in my last posting, doing a very BIG project. Well today I got it all done, yeah finally!!! I have been working on an art project for my class room, that is in my basement. The following pictures will show you all the projects that I have done the past few years for the other walls, so today's wall art finally completes all the walls. Phew!! Each project was made to look something like a stamped card. 

This first picture is an actual oil painted canvas measuring 54 inches in diameter,that I got for $2.00 at a church garage sale and I just added Stampin Up cardstock to make it look like scalloped edges, I then added the wood letters I got from Micheal's to the wall. All the walls together spell out
Create,Inspire, Timeless, Beauty.

This next picture is made using fabric I got from Walmart that I cut  all apart to make these several art decorations. The rectangle "card" is 59 x40 inches,LOL it's foam core board covered in Stampin Up CS, old tin lids painted to resemble brads and ribbon made from parts of the material sewn with some old real wired ribbon inside it to make it stiff enough to shape it. The material birds were glued to cardboard and cut out, I then used fun tac to stick them to the wall. You can see by the 6ft tables and chairs how big things really are!
Here is a close up of the rectangle card.

My Clock
This clock is made using a cheap clock I had from Walmart and hanging it in the middle of the flower I made.The flower is 36 x 24 inches. The flower and leaves are made from an old Stampin Up set that I stamped then I copied the image and enlarged it on my printer in parts then cut it out of SU Cardstock and added more ink with a  sponge. The bird is from the previous pictured project using scraps of the material. I bent the flower and leaves then used fun tac to make it very 3D like. All of these were the projects I already had completed, but this next one is the one I just finished today.

In the picture below you can see the table under the clock, the skirt material has daisy's on it too!
 The butterflies are all made from one stamp, it's a retired one from Stampin Up, that I again enlarged on my printer in parts then colored with my copic markers and bent to make them kind of 3D like and I used fun tac to adhere to the wall. The circle is foam core board and is 42 inches in diameter, covered in fabric from Walmart. The flower is another unknown stamp, the leaf is a new stamp from Heartfelt Creations, the pron leaf is a Martha Stewart punch enlarged on my printer too. LOL I used alot of printer ink trying to get the right sizes! LOL  The letters are wood ones from Micheals. The "pearl pin" is a wooden dowel painted with a silver marker, the pearl is a plastic Easter egg from Walmart it had candy in it, I painted it with pearl paint from Michaels punched out a hole in the bottom too glue the dowel inside it. It looks realistic to me LOL. The "satin bow" is made from acetate material and pellon from JoAnne's sewn together. So there you have it my completed class room. Would love to hear your comments on it. My personal stamping room is up stairs in the main part of the house, some day I will take pictures of it to share but for now its veg out time in front of the TV! I am so tired out, creating BIG cards is hard work !! LOL


  1. GORGEOUS!! The perfect finishing touch! LOVE this latest work of art! You'll have to show me one day how you do those butterflies ... I think my crafting cave might need one or two!! LOL!! AWESOME JOB my friend! You are such a talented lady!! WOWZA!!!

  2. WOW .. I just came upon your blog thru SCS and wanted to just say .. Your WALL Cards are Amazing !!! You did such an awesome job. What a great idea !!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring !!!