Thursday, February 4, 2010

First posting

Hi, my name is Lana. This is my first blog ever. My friends, Darlene and Kris, are helping me set this up. I will be
sharing projects with you from time to time. Please come join me in my venture into blogging. Hope you enjoy your time here. Here is the first example of my work. I love working with these adorable Sugar Nellies.

Thank you for stopping to see my NEW blog! I hope you come back and visit again.


  1. What a beautiful creation ... I love your work ... very inspirational!! HUGS to you my friend!!

  2. Great going Lana--it's about time you share your beautiful work with the world :-)

  3. Again -- your blog name is sooo appropriate!! You truly do have a God-given gift with card-making!!! I'm so glad your friends helped you get this site up and running!! It's GREAT and I'm so happy for you!!! Now go eat that hot-fudge sundae you saved from yesterday to celebrate!!! :-)

  4. What a minute - you didn't say you had a hot fudge sundae in the frig! HA! Very adorable card - keep 'em coming! Kris

  5. Yea ... what's this about a hot fudge sundae????

  6. Welcome to Blogland Lana!!
    Your card is beautiful, certainly a lovely start for your blog!
    I look forward to seeing more of your artwork!
    take care
    blessings, Maria

  7. Lana, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning. You all did a wonderful job on your new blog too!

    Your card is adorable. You will have fun and this blog thing is so addictive, or did Darlene and Kris not tell you?

    Enjoy and congratulations!!!


  8. Beautiful!!! The blog page is lovely, too!