Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whipper Snapper "Ducky"

This little duck is just too adorable. The minute I saw her
 at "The Stamp Shack", a wonderful Amish Stamp store
 in Mespotamia, Ohio, I knew I had to have her.
The Stamp Shack is another favorite Stamp store
 of mine! If you go there, say "Hi" to Mary Anne for me!!

This adorable little duck is from
"Whipper Snapper". The cool inside
saying is from "The Stamp Pad" in Zoar. Gosh my two favorite
 stamp stores in one posting LOL.
Well, it is time for me to get off and put ice on my neck
again. Burrrr it's too darn cold for ice in this cold weather,
but heat just doesn't help this. LOL
Hope you sleep well and come back soon.


  1. I love Whippersnapper designs! You did a great job. That card is CUTE!

  2. Oh my gosh, this image is so adorable! Great coloring! Cute, cute, cute!!