Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweatshirt Card

Sorry I have been MIA, my back & neck problems have
been acting up again, and I have had to go to the Dr several times.
But I am back and hope you all have been stamping away
and enjoying life!

Today's card is one that is so much fun to make, and is
really great for using in scrapbooks as well as for many other neat
projects. I have used my Just Rites and have personlized them
for my cutomers that I sell to as well as for my
 own Grandchildren.The card folds at the shoulders, and
I cut out the neck area. My sweatshirt and money stamp
 are from, "Too much fun rubber stamps". The word stamp on the
 front is custom made from SU, the paw print and phone
are also from SU. I used red eyeletes and white twine. The stamp
 on the back is from Michaels.
Hope you enjoyed seeing this unique card.


  1. This is just so terrific! Looks so real online! Feel better! Kris

  2. What a great novelty card! It DOES look so real here...I thought it was really an article of clothing!

    Hope your back and neck troubles fly south so you can feel better.

  3. OH I'm so glad you posted this ... so amazing! And, I agree ... when I first saw the image (and if I hadn't seen these wonderful works of art of yours in person) I thought it was a real sweatshirt. This is just too cool ... great job!

  4. You should be asked to be a guest artist on one of the stamp creative sites. You are really that good. Loved all three of these and they should be published. luv with all my heart your sister evette